Farhad Mahmoudvand

Farhad Mahmoudvand_
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Raaibod Online Learning

Online Business & Language Courses for Organizations and Managers

Employer: Parvaresh Dadeha
Live URL: http://raaibod.com
Year: 2014


Raaibod is a persian website that offering online video courses in Business & Language category for organizations and managers.

I developed this website as a freelancer by request from a startup team supported by DPCo. I was the frontend & backend developer on this project but the graphic template was design by another person.

Some of the important features on this project is:

  • Online video streaming for courses
  • Online exams and training after courses
  • Register user activity on course, like view videos and answering the questions
  • Quiz and training in between the videos
  • Analyze user skills and offer quiz to improve their weaknesses
  • Support B2B business model to offering courses for organization and companies 
  • Academic structure for offering the courses (course > term > lesson)
  • Online payment for buying the term or whole course



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